The Mission of the Center

The mission of The Center for Neuromusculoskeletal Clinical Research (CNCR) is to combine research interests in distinct areas of neuromusculoskeletal medicine, including the clinical specialties of Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine, Orthopedic Surgery, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Neurology, Psychiatry, Sports Medicine, Pediatrics, and Physical Therapy as well as the basic sciences such as Physiology, Anatomy, Biochemistry, and Microbiology and Molecular Genetics. This is being accomplished by two main strategies. (1) “CNCR” partners research expertise and laboratory resources with clinical faculty, residents, and facilities in the development of and participation in research projects. (2) “CNCR” serves as a hub for a campus-wide collaboration with other clinics, departments, centers, laboratories and units, enabling application of multidisciplinary research in neuromusculoskeletal disorders. (3) "CNCR" will establish cooperative, multidisciplinary research projects with Veterans Affairs (VA) Hospitals to help improve methodologies for the diagnoses and treatment of veterans with chronic neuromusculoskeletal disorders.

Assessing spinal function in multiple planes of motion
Assessing spinal function in multiple planes of motion.

Key activities of the Center

Develop research activities related to clinical diagnoses and treatments for neuromusculoskeletal disorders. These activities focus on: 1) understanding the underlying causes of chronic disorders, especially chronic low back pain, and others that are ubiquitous in patient populations and 2) study techniques and procedures commonly used in the treatment of chronic neuromusculoskeletal disorders to learn and document mechanisms of action, 3) reduce the use of opioid use and addiction, 4) lower the cost of care in these areas, 5) decrease the burden of disease in patients from these conditions, 6) promulgate findings nationally and internationally to enhance the profession, and 7) seek extramural funding through federal and private organizations and through donations.

Key Personnel

  • Clarence L. Nicodemus, DO, PhD
  • Lisa DeStefano, DO
  • Jacek Cholewicki; PhD
  • Klement Caron
  • John Popovich, PhD, DPT
  • Richard Hallgren, PhD
  • Jake Rowan, DO
  • Chris Polhod, DO
  • Jessica Epstein, MS
  • Angela Lee, MPH

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